UX Design Mentoring with David Nett

User Experience Design—or UX Design—is a hybrid discipline. People with so many different backgrounds end up getting into UX Design that has continually morphed into this combination of psychology, anthropology, architecture, sociology, computer science, graphic design, and business—there are probably another dozen we could add and it still would not be enough. When people with so many … Continued

Meet your WordPress Mentor with Natalie MacLees

What is WordPress? That is a fairly meta question since this text is actively being input into a WordPress interface. For some, it is a CMS tool; for others, it is a blogging platform. Developers, designers, content authors—and many others in between—use it to run their business, earn a paycheck, earn affiliate sales, improve their … Continued

How We Survived Organizing Our First Startup Meetup

As many firsts go, our first Startup Meetup was filled with plenty of anxiety and coordination. It’s not every day that you bring 30+ perfect strangers into a room, for a couple of hours, to discuss business ideas together and have a presentation from the President & Co-Founder of a well-funded startup. Where do you … Continued