What is Modern Mentorship?

What is Kanguru? What does it mean? Much like the words Google and Lyft, Kanguru is a word invented to represent and redefine an idea: the idea of the modern mentorship experience. The word mentorship is a relic; it calls to a time when direct human interaction was necessary to gain expertise and develop a … Continued

UX Mentorship Meetup with David Nett

Our April Kanguru UX Mentorship Meetup was a blast with a really powerful presentation from David Nett to send us away with great advice. During our group introductions, there were a couple folks that stood out to me: We heard from Hope, who said she loves UX Design because, “I am really fond of humans.” … Continued

6 Startup Lessons for Building a Business

We’ve learned a lot and continue to learn as we build our business acumen. In the spirit of modern mentorship—the focal point of the Kanguru project—we have provided some startup lessons learned over the years. As you may not know (though “many of you” might actually know since you’re likely family members), prior to starting Kanguru, … Continued