What is Modern Mentorship?

What is Kanguru? What does it mean? Much like the words Google and Lyft, Kanguru is a word invented to represent and redefine an idea: the idea of the modern mentorship experience.

The word mentorship is a relic; it calls to a time when direct human interaction was necessary to gain expertise and develop a skill. Mentorship is an experience and a relationship often cited by successful people from all walks of life. Nowadays, this direct interaction is hard to find, develop, and maintain as anyone can simply “Google it” and move on with their day. But mentorship is not simply the passing of explicit information, but the sharing of tacit knowledge that can only occur through communication and trust. Kanguru seeks to redefine mentorship and provide a platform to foster collaboration and learning in a modern app environment.

Much like any new and innovative word, Kanguru can have different meaning and subtext for each individual. But what does it mean to us? We think that Kanguru is a tool to bring a key professional experience out of the Dark Age, and into the technology era. Much like a multi-tool, this app solves different pain points for different users. Just like a blacksmith apprentice used a forge, an iPhone-wielding mentee can use our app to learn how to wireframe his next website.

Want to learn first-hand what we mean? Join our iPhone alpha build and let us know what you think!

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